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Our advantages

Founded in 2015, Suzhou Letai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Letai) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has experienced R & D, production, quality and sales team, the company's products are divided into three categories: therapeutic consumables, conductive consumables, protective consumables. By 2019, ten class I medical device approval documents and nine class II medical device approval documents have been obtained. Suzhou Letai has always been "honest and trustworthy, excellence, continuous innovation" for the purpose, with superb technology, excellent production technology, efficient service, is committed to becoming a first-class medical consumables manufacturing enterprise.

Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly. Its products are mainly exported to Europe, America and other developed countries. At the same time, it is widely used by hospitals and medical equipment companies in China. The company adheres to the principle of “Honesty and trustworthiness, excellence, continuous innovation”. The craftsmanship, excellent production technology and efficient service have won the trust and support of domestic and foreign customers.

The company is located in the high-tech industrial base of Suzhou. The company has standardized modernized workshops. Some of the production equipment and raw materials are purchased from abroad, and the production environment is fully upgraded. It is a solid step for joining the world-class medical consumables production enterprise as soon as possible.

Our Purposes

Become the core force to protect human health,and be a leader in China's rehabilitation medical industry.

We want to be the most cost-effective solution provider for the customers.

And the most trusted supplier of medical consumables for the hospitals.

Also the most attractive company for employees.

Our Duties

Popularize high-level technology and let more people enjoy quality life care.

We will make efforts to informatize, network, and intelligentize the rehabilitation medical industry, continuously learn industry knowledge,   learn communication skills, listen to customer opinions, improve and innovate, and let more people experience technological innovation products.

Our Concepts

Customer-oriented, rigorous and pragmatic, focused on professional.

Customer first, let customers enjoy the value of high-tech products.

Better service, we must arrive and reply at the appointed time.Also Handling customer complaints in a timely manner.



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Contact Us


Suzhou Letai Medical Technology Co.,Ltd

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